About the Conference

The coming year, 2020, may well prove decisive for the future of our democracy. Can Trump survive impeachment? Can we take back the White House and the Senate? And here in Massachusetts, can we get the House to enact progressive legislation?

On December 7th, activists from across Massachusetts will gather at Worcester State University to get ready for 2020 and beyond. We will gather together so that we can be together in the campaigns of 2020.

The conference is being organized by Indivisible Massachusetts and has the participation of Swing Left, Progressive Mass., the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA), 350.org, Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA), Progressive Democrats of America, as well as many Democratic Town Committees, Women’s March local groups and other allied organizations.

This will be a working conference. The focus of the day will be on working sessions rather than lots of speeches. We will start with election and issues strategies and overviews. Then we offer more tactical and how to sessions. Finally, the last session will be bringing it home – a chance for people to gather either by congressional district or by election or issue focus to plan how to work together to win in 2020.
Please come and bring your activist friends.

We need all of us to be prepared for 2020, all of us to be together for 2020 and beyond!


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