Partner Organizations

We welcome allied organizations to partner with us in this conference, to amplify the power of each of our work by building community together. We look forward to the participation of many critical changemaking groups in our region, as well as your members.

Please fill out this form to have your name, logo, and website listed on our Conference page and our program.

Table Registration

If your organization would like to have a table at the conference, please follow the link below to fill out a form.

Our tabling option includes two locations. The cost for tabling (both stations included) is $50. This includes the table only, not conference participation.

One table is a station without an active member in the workshops hallway for displaying your printed materials, and one table is a station for your representative/member to stand at during the lunch period in the dining hall foyer.
If you only want to display materials or only want to have an actively stationed representative table, you may opt out of the other option; however, the cost will remain the same flat fee.

To register, select “Indivisible Sponsor Table” as the registration type on the first page of the form. You will need to register as an individual, separately, if you wish to participate in the rest of the conference. Thank you!