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Here are some great how-to’s for jumpstarting your group’s activism!

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Click here to learn how to hold a phonebanking action!

Woman knocking on door with flyers


Click here to learn how to hold a canvassing carpool!


Click here to learn how to hold a textbanking session!

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Click here to learn how to hold a postcarding session!

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Action Network

Click here to learn how to use Action Network to effectively organize your team & community!


How do you have an individualized, face-to-face relational meeting that will strengthen your community and empower your members? Check out this document to learn more.

Social Media

What are some best-practices for using social media to build our movements and grow our communities? Check out this resource below:

Justice resources

What is oppression and privilege? What are some of the systems that do not have a level playing field for all Americans?
Learn more from these resources.

Let’s build this movement together.