Tips for Organizing Events

Tips to organize events and recruit volunteers

MANAGE AND PROMOTE your event to recruit more volunteers!

  • We use a system called Action Network to create events, which offers you tools to spread the word and manage RSVPs.​
    • When you create an event in Action Network you will get:
      • An RSVP link to share in all your outreach (emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to manage attendees.
      • Draft language for an invitation to your event. Edit the generic invite, then copy and paste into email, add the RSVP link, and promote your event! Invite all your group members if you’re with a group. Also invite friends, family, and colleagues unless you already know that they are opposed to your campaign or candidate.
      • Simple tools to promote your event on Facebook & Twitter.
    • You can make events private or public. If your event is public it will show up on our site and we will promote it widely.
    • If you want to create a public event without publicly sharing the address then request people to RSVP for the address in the “attendee instructions”.
    • If you make an event private, it won’t be publicly shared on our site and we won’t promote it.
  • Already have your own event management system? Promote your event on our website and email blasts through​ our promote an event form.

DO INDIVIDUAL OUTREACH, follow-up, and confirmations.

  • After sending a big email blast to promote your event and creating a Facebook event, focus on individualized targeted outreach to recruit volunteers.
  • Use individual emails, texts, calls, and/or Facebook messages to invite people individually if they didn’t respond to the broader outreach efforts.
  • Always ask people to RSVP using the same link.
  • Confirm everyone who RSVP’d to your event (see how to view your RSVPs here) the day before the event, and again 2-3 hours before the event.
  • Use emails, texts, calls, and/or Facebook messages until you reach individuals who RSVP’d to confirm that they will be there! Always ask a question to get a solid confirmation: Will you join us? (HINT: “Maybe” doesn’t count as a yes. Try to convert each maybe into a solid YES by conveying the urgency of this moment and why YOU care so much about this movement!)