Using Action Network

What is Action Network?​​

Action Network is a third party system of tools to help organizers plan events.  Their system is sort of like “Evite for political activism”.  Organizers set up an event in Action Network and use their tools to promote the event to their group members.  Indivisible MA has incorporated the Action Network toolset into our site.  When you “Create an Event” on our site, we ask you to tell us about the event and then have you set up an Action Network account (or use your account if you already have one) to manage the account.  This will give you a link that you can use in emails to have your guests RSVP to your event and helps you track and communicate with attendees (just like you would with an Evite invitation, for example). You can also use Action Network’s email system to invite people if you choose.  

We post your event to our Indivisible MA calendar and to other channels to help promote your event automatically.  How easy is that?

Creating an event with Action Network

​Settled on a date, and a place and ready to let the world know?  Use our “Create an Event” tool.  You will first fill out a form telling us some details (separate from Action Network), then you will be taken to Action Network to open an account or to log into your existing account. ​

From there you will set up your Action Network Event.